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Beatles Cirque Du Soleil LOVE Show – Save Up To $86 Per Ticket

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About This Deal

You get lots of ticket options of varying discount levels with this deal from Best Of Vegas. You can save $47 on individual Category B and Category C tickets, which is great. But the really deep discounts happen when you buy four tickets. We double checked on the Mirage website to make sure the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil Best Of Vegas deals are, well, the real deal. And they totally are! The Mirage site adds a hefty service fee to your ticket order. Four Category C seats on the Mirage site, including service fee, come to a grand total of $642. A Family 4 Pack of Category C seats on Best Of Vegas, including taxes and fees, comes to just $394. That’s a savings of $62 per ticket, $248 overall! A Family 4 Pack of Category B tickets saves you even more! The absolute lowest price is a Family 4 Pack of Balcony Seating for $340 plus tax.

About Beatles Cirque Du Soleil

Once upon a time, there was an amicable bloke named George Harrison. George used to be in a band called the Beatles. George had a friend named Guy Laliberte. Guy was a founder of a circus company named Cirque Du Soleil. One day, George and Guy had a bright idea. What if they combined the music from George’s old band with the artistry of Cirque? Wouldn’t that be fun? And that, my friends, is how the Beatles LOVE show was born!
It wasn’t that simple, of course. Unfortunately, George died before the bright idea came to fruition. But the surviving Beatles (two fellows named Ringo and Paul) along with the wives of the departed Beatles (the aforementioned George and John) took part in some rigorous negotiations with the MGM Mirage and on June 30, 2006 LOVE premiered! Paul, Ringo, John’s wife Yoko and George’s wife Olivia were all there to celebrate, along with a bevy of Beatle children.
If you are a Beatles fan, LOVE is going to be truly special to you because of the music. Not just because it is the music you know and love by heart. But because the music has been re-mixed and re-orchestrated by none other than Sir George Martin and his very talented son Giles. Sir George and Giles used 120 songs and basically turned them into a giant Beatles mixtape, each song magically flowing into the next. The results are 100% Beatle-approved! Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia all love the show. Paul specifically loved the remixed music because he said you could hear Ringo’s drums better!
The Beatles Cirque Du Soleil LOVE show plays five nights a week (it’s dark Tuesdays and Wednesdays) at the LOVE Theater at The Mirage, which was built especially for this production. Countless Yelpers can tell you, there’s not a bad seat in the house! The furthest seat is only ninety-eight feet from the stage. So the only question is, do you want to be up close and personal with the sixty-six performers, or sit a bit higher and see the entire stage in all its dizzying glory.

Pro Tip: The drinks at the LOVE concessions stand are ENORMOUS. Coupon Puppet highly recommends the Strawberry Fields Forever drink- delicious! Unfortunately the Revolution Lounge has shut its doors, but you’ll still want to get to the Mirage early because oh my gosh the LOVE gift shop! It’s a Beatle fan’s paradise!

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