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Don’t get us wrong, we here at Coupon Puppet are no stranger to the $23 Vegas hotel room. I’m looking at you, Excalibur. But sometimes you want something a little more…luxurious. Maybe it is your birthday or wedding anniversary. Maybe you want to impress a special someone. Maybe you have oodles of money and the idea of a $23 hotel room makes you snort with derision. Whatever the case, can help you out with deals on the best Vegas hotels. I mean, just because you have oodles of money doesn’t mean you don’t like a good bargain, right? Currently, at the time of this writing, is offering up to 15% off at Encore and Wynn, 20% off regular rates at The Mandarin Oriental, up to 25% off at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas(!) and more. Those numbers may not stay exactly the same, but you can always count on to save you some coin on some swanky Vegas digs.

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