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About Chippendales Las Vegas

Chippendales was established way back in 1979 in Los Angeles. There is currently a touring version of the show, but there is nothing like seeing Chippendales in Las Vegas! They perform nightly at the Chippendales Theater at The Rio, which was built especially for them. Besides allowing for plenty of interaction between the performers and audience, the theater features its own bar called Flirt, a Sky Lounge and a Gossip Pit*. The formula for Chippendales is simple: twelve gorgeous men who are also great dancers and singers repeatedly strip down to next to nothing in front of screaming females. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Chippendales excites audiences seven nights a week at 8:30PM, with extra 10:30PM performances on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. As previously mentioned, world renowned hottie Tyson Beckford recently joined the cast for Thurs-Sat performances, and should be there through Summer 2017. Tyson is billed as the host, but don’t worry, he takes part in several numbers as well! Unfortunately, our deal for Chippendales Las Vegas tickets is not valid on Saturday nights. But you can still save money the other six nights of the week! You must be eighteen years old to attend Chippendales, and guess what? Men are totally welcome. Leave your wad of ones at home; there’s no tipping.

Coupon Puppet learned a lot about the world while researching the best prices for Chippendales Las Vegas tickets. First, besides bachelorette and divorce parties, there is a celebration┬ácalled the “dirty thirty” that we were previously unaware of. Second, the history of Chippendales is filled with intrigue, lawsuits, suicide and multiple murders! Finally, the world can’t spell. We witnessed Internet searches for “chip and dale vegas,” “chip-n-dale dancers” and “chip n dale show.” Leading us to wonder if theater-goers are disappointed nightly when they go to the show and don’t see two giant chipmunks on stage.

*We have no idea what a “Gossip Pit” is either.


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