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Save $54 On Premium View Seating At Criss Angel MINDFREAK Live

Save $54 off discount Criss Angel tickets for MINDFREAK Live at the Luxor Theatre when you buy a 4-pack of tickets. Premium seating for this magical Cirque Du Soleil extravaganza is usually $148, but you’ll pay just $94. Click on your friend Coupon Puppet below to get this great deal!


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About Criss Angel MINDFREAK Live

You may recognize MINDFREAK as the name of Criss Angel’s TV show on A&E. But it is also the name of his live show at the Luxor Theatre in Las Vegas, playing two shows a night, five nights a week. Will he hang upside down in a straight jacket? Oh my yes. Will he saw a woman in half with a table saw? You betcha. Will there be rock music, acrobatic dancing, flat-ironed hair and levitating? OF COURSE. Omg, it’s like you’ve never seen a Vegas magic show or something! MINDFREAK is Criss’ second collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil. Leave the smallest kiddies at home, as no one under age five is admitted, and age sixteen and under must be accompanied by an adult. Be sure to get there early to get the most entertainment for your hard earned buck. Thirty minutes before showtime there is a pre-show that involves a Criss Angel documentary, as well as a comedy magic duo, The Great Maestro and Fifi.

This specific deal will save you $54 per ticket on Premium Seating when you buy a family 4-pack of tickets (don’t worry- no one will check to see if your seatmates are indeed family). If four tickets is too ambitious, you can still save $38 and pay $110 per ticket, no matter how few you buy. Premium Seating is also known as “Category B Seating” which is also known as “Second Best Viewing Area.” We definitely recommend this deal because of the deep discount and great seats. I mean, you want to sit close enough to see if it’s real magic or not, right?! But if you’d like to spend less, this deal also gets you access to discount Standard View Seating. Just FYI.


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