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Ever wanted to visit Paris, France? Us too, but who has the money and the time! Visit the American City of Light and save $6 per person with our Eiffel Tower Las Vegas coupon for unparalleled views of The Strip. Just click on your friend Coupon Puppet below to get started, and be sure to use offer code ETAFF6 when you purchase.

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About Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

You know you’ve always wanted to experience the Eiffel Tower at the Paris in Las Vegas. You’ve stared up, ogling it in all its Fracophilian glory, but wondered if it would be worth the price. According to nearly 6000 reviews at Trip Advisor, it is! This family-friendly Las Vegas attraction has earned 4.5 stars at TA, and you can bet most of those reviewers didn’t have your money-saving savvy- they probably paid full price! Not you! With our Eiffel Tower Las Vegas coupon you’ll save $6 off every daytime or anytime ticket. Which may not seem like much until you are buying tix for your entire family/bachelorette party/strangers you just met. Then the savings really add up! p.s. If you prefer, you can save $20 off a family 4-pack of tickets when you use code ETFPK.

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas is roughly half the size of that Other Eiffel Tower. It was actually supposed to be the same size, but that pesky nearby McCarran Airport would have caused some complications. The tower’s legs come down through the Paris casino floor, which is kind of fun. Your Eiffel Tower Las Vegas coupon gets you the full Eiffel Tower Experience, which includes a thrilling 460-feet glass elevator ride and 360-degree views of Sin City. A highlight is the unique view of the Bellagio dancing fountains- you will never look at them the same way again! And while gazing at The Strip in all its glory is great, don’t forget about all the mountainous natural beauty surrounding Las Vegas that you’ll be able to take in as well. The tower is open from 9am-midnight, and there are no age restrictions.

What’s that? The Eiffel Tower isn’t high enough for you? Then why not use our Stratosphere Rides Discount and reach altitudes twice as high! You can use our discount for rides, or just visiting the observation deck.

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