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About Hotwire Hot Rates Las Vegas Hotels

You can save huge money with Hotwire Hot Rates Las Vegas hotels. At the time of this writing, rates include a 4.5 Star Center Strip Hotel for $155 a night and a 5 STAR North Strip Hotel for just $122 a night (that’s North Strip as in Fashion Show Mall area, not Circus Circus area). Despite these extremely low prices, some people are loathe to take advantage of the Hot Rates category on Hotwire. Why? Because you don’t find out what hotel you are booking until after you make the reservation. You’ll see a list of Las Vegas hotels on the Hot Rates page, but instead of plainly listing “Cosmopolitan,” “Rio” and “Park MGM” it might say something like “Center Strip Fountains Area Resort,” “Voodoo Zipline Area All Suites Hotel” and “T-Mobile arena area hotel.” Hypothetically speaking, of course. We know some folks might see “4 star Center Strip resort with free breakfast” and have no problem taking the plunge without knowing specifically which hotel it is. Others might be more cautious, maybe because you got into a screaming match with a bell hop at a certain 4 star Center Strip hotel with free breakfast. More likely, there was no screaming match, you just like to know exactly where you are staying without making a commitment.

For all you cautious folks out there…we don’t want to tell tales out of school, but it is actually not very difficult to figure out what’s what when it comes to Hotwire Hot Rates Las Vegas Hotels. If you are willing to spend just a minute or two investigating, you can easily determine which hotel is which and save big bucks. Just take a look at Hotwire’s Las Vegas hotel list and compare features with the Hot Rates hotel you are considering. On the list, you can easily narrow it down by area, star rating and amenities offered. Soon that South Strip 3 Star Hotel With Free Internet and Free Buffet won’t be such a mystery after all.

Still nervous about trying Hotwire Hot Rates hotels? You can always use Hotwire to save money on cheap flights and car rentals instead.

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