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Save $20 On A VIP Flight To Vegas With Our JetSuiteX Promo Code

Use our JetSuiteX promo code for a $20 discount on your first JetSuiteX flight between Las Vegas and Burbank or Concord, California. JetSuiteX is like flying on a private plane! No security lines, no baggage fees, free drinks and snacks, and pack as many darn liquids as you want. Just click on your friend Coupon Puppet below to save $20 at JetSuiteX. Please note this JetSuiteX promo code is for new customers only. Our link takes you to a page where you can register for a JetSuiteX account. Enter 6NBR3B for your referral code and you will save $20 on your first JetSuiteX flight, whether you book your flight immediately or sometime in the future.

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About JetSuiteX

When Coupon Puppet first heard about JetSuiteX, it sounded too good to be true. Then she read Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews for JetSuiteX and realized, nope! It really is that good. JetSuite, a private plane charter company with seven years of satisfied customers under its belt, decided it would like to go a little bigger. XL, if you will. And JetSuiteX was born! JetSuiteX flies 30-seat planes to Las Vegas from Burbank, California and Concord, California. Angelenos know, flying out of Burbank is already a pleasure compared to LAX. JetSuiteX makes Burbank even better! You show up only a half hour before your flight, fly out of a private jet terminal and avoid the security lines. Same with the Concord Buchanan Field Airport. Concord also offers free parking, and the BART ride from San Francisco is only a few minutes longer than the ride to SFO or OAK.
Once you step on the plane, your dreamlike experience continues. Your fee-free luggage (full of as many liquids as you want, provided it’s under fifty pounds) is whisked away, to be dropped at your feet when you arrive in Vegas. Snacks such as coconut chips are free. Drinks, including alcohol, are free. The wifi is free. Your freaking dog is free, if you brought him- no pet fees! Legroom abounds, as do outlets. And have I mentioned that prices for this VIP experience start at $79?! Weren’t expecting that, were you? Plus, you’ll get $20 off if you use our JetSuiteX promo code when you register. (Please note, your flight must be at least $129 to use our JetSuiteX promo code.) Concord only has flights to and from Vegas on Fridays and Sundays. But Burbank has at least two flights per day, ooh ooh! Cancellation and change fees? Just $25. Lastly, JetSuiteX is partners with Jetblue, so you’ll earn Jetblue miles as you touch down in Vegas like the baller that you are.

Coupon Puppet Loves Treating You Like A VIP With A JetSuiteX Promo Code!

JetSuiteX Promo Code From Coupon Puppet

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