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You want to spend money on fun things in Las Vegas, not on mundane things like an economical set of wheels to get you around. Use our Deal Of The Day offer for and score a rental car in Las Vegas from just $4. Click your friend Coupon Puppet below to get started!


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About Your Rental Car In Las Vegas

You may be wondering, “Coupon Puppet, why on earth would I need a rental car in Las Vegas? Aren’t most attractions located on The Strip? And also, won’t I be inebriated for the majority of my time there?” The answer to both questions is most likely Yes. However, there are plenty of reasons to get yourself a rental car in Las Vegas. Maybe you want to sober up and drive a few hours away to visit the world-famous Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam. Maybe your plans are less grand (see what we did there?) and you just want to get a little fresh, non-casino air at beautiful, nearby Red Rock Canyon. Maybe you want to go see that weird sculpture in the Nevada desert that popped up a few years back. Or maybe you just want to go take advantage of the free tour at Ethel M Chocolate Factory-we highly recommend it!

Whatever your non-Strip plans, the first stop on your rental car search should be our deal for Never heard of them? Not to worry! They are powered by Priceline, so you know they are legit AND will score you huge discounts on your rental car in Las Vegas. AirportRentalCars can get you a great everyday rate from any of the major car rental companies at McCarran International Airport, but their Deal Of The Day is where you get truly insane savings- prices can be as low as $4 per day!


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