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Unlimited Stratosphere Rides For Just $25

Use our Stratosphere rides discount for $19 off an Unlimited Rides Pass. Or if you are a fraidy cat who doesn’t want to go on any rides, save $8 on on Tower Admission and simply enjoy the view. Click on your friend Coupon Puppet below to take advantage of either of these great deals.

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About The Stratosphere Rides

High atop the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas are three rides that scare the pants off visitors daily. The Stratosphere rides, in no particular order of scariness, are The Big Shot, Insanity and X-Scream. Descriptions of the rides are as follows:

Big Shot – omg!

Insanity – omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!

X-Scream – OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, though…these rides are insane. The Big Shot is your typical strap you in – raise you up fast – vertical drop kind of ride. Except that the vertical drop just happens to occur 1081 feet in the air, 160 feet above the Stratosphere observation deck, at 45 mph. The X-Scream is a little mini roller coaster car that careens headfirst to 27 feet over the edge. Then you just kind of hang there and – pro tip – at some point the car jerks down an extra foot or two so that you feel like the ride just broke and death is certain. The Insanity is a little hard to explain…it looks like your typical twirly carnival ride, except that you are hanging over the edge of the freaking Stratosphere spinning face down at speeds up to 3 Gs.

An Unlimited Pass for all three Stratosphere rides is currently $43.95 on the Stratosphere website. With our Best Of Vegas Stratosphere rides discount, you can save $19 and pay just $25 to terrify yourself over and over again. When you need a break, your Unlimited Rides Pass gives you access to the Observation Deck as well. Or, if you are like Coupon Puppet, who is getting palpitations merely thinking about these rides, use the other deal for Tower Admission only. You’ll pay $12 instead of $20 to enjoy the amazing Stratosphere view and as a bonus, you can watch all your brave/stupid fellow travellers who decided to actually go on the Stratosphere rides. One of Coupon Puppet’s fondest memories of Vegas is watching the sheer terror on a group of tough bros’ faces as the X-Scream did that last little, unexpected drop. It was pure delight to watch from the safety of the Observation Deck.

Coupon Puppet Wishes You Luck On Your Terrifying Stratosphere Rides!

Stratosphere Rides Discount From Coupon Puppet

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