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$20 Off Stripper 101 At Planet Hollywood

Use our BestOfVegas deal for a $20 discount on the most popular, all female pole dancing class in Las Vegas, Stripper 101! Perfect for bachelorette parties or before a ladies’ night out. Just click on your friend Coupon Puppet below to get this deal, and make your reservation for Stripper 101.

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About Stripper 101

What do you need to know about Stripper 101 at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood? First, THERE WILL BE BOAS. Second, there will NOT be¬†men. No men are allowed at Stripper 101. They cannot participate, they cannot watch. Which makes for a super fun, safe, no-judgement zone for ladies of all ages, sizes and levels of modesty. You’ll learn twenty-five different moves!!! It’s a great introductory pole dancing class and a fun way to get some exercise on your trip to Sin City. And yes, you leave with an official Las Vegas Strippers’ License* emblazoned with your freshly chosen stripper name. Classes are seven days a week at 4:30PM, with several¬†extra classes on Fridays and Saturdays to jumpstart your ladies’ night out. Provided those ladies are at least eighteen years old. No one under eighteen is allowed.

You’ve got a few options with this deal. You can save $20 off the standard Stripper 101 admission and pay just $29. Or, you can go all out and save $8 on the Stripper 101 VIP Package. In addition to the class, the VIP Package gets you a free class cocktail, a ticket to your choice of Zombie Burlesque, Aussie Heat or Chippendales, AND a V Card which gets you admission and drink specials at the hottest clubs in Vegas all night long. Truly, if you are having your bachelorette party in Vegas, the Stripper 101 VIP Package is a no-brainer.

*Not actually official at all.

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