Introducing The All New Coupon Puppet

Coupon Puppet Relaunches, Featuring Nothing But Las Vegas Travel Deals

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a little blue sock arrived on the Internet with nothing but a sack of coupon codes and a dream.

It was the Autumn of 2011, to be exact. Tired of paying full price and fed up with the lack of sock puppets in the affiliate marketing world, Coupon Puppet launched a new coupon site and was in turn launched into immediate Internet stardom. (Well, kind of. One time we made a video making fun of GoDaddy and it got a moderate number of views…)

In the year 2016, Coupon Puppet got to pondering. Was he doing too much, offering deals for everything from shoes to flowers to travel to cookie baskets? Could one coupon site really be all things to all people? Coupon Puppet thought not. Coupon Puppet also thought about how he really likes to visit Las Vegas and is always looking for Las Vegas travel deals anyway, so why not re-design a site TOTALLY DEVOTED TO LAS VEGAS PROMO CODES, COUPONS AND DEALS.

Apologies for the all-caps, Coupon Puppet gets over-excited when thinking about all the wonderful people in the world who will now spend slightly less on their Las Vegas vacations. All thanks to a little blue sock with a sack of coupon codes and a dream. We want to make sure you are an informed consumer, so each deal page on the new Coupon Puppet includes¬†lots of info about the¬†hotel, rental car company, tour, etc. that you can choose to read before clicking on “Click To Get This Deal.”

Coupon Puppet officially re-launched in November 2016 with categories including Vegas flight deals, cheap Las Vegas show tickets, Las Vegas hotel deals and more. Besides this cornucopia of coupon goodness, Coupon Puppet now features a new Las Vegas blog, The Plain Dealer. It’s chock-full of tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Las Vegas vacation dollar, plus it’s got restaurant recommendations, show reviews and hotel reviews. You’ll definitely want to check it out before hitting Sin City.

In conclusion…welcome to the all-new, featuring nothing but Las Vegas travel deals!

viva las coupon puppet las vegas travel deals