Viva Las Vegas Travel Deals!

When Your Vegas Travel Deals Are So Great, You Gotta Sing


Viva Las Coupons

Going to Las Vegas, but my budget’s small
Don’t wanna set my wallet on fire
So I go to Coupon Puppet for Vegas travel deals
You can trust me, I ain’t no liar
I saved big money on my hotel rate
Got $50 off on Cirque Du Soleil
Then I saw the Grand Canyon and ate a buffet!
Viva Las Coupons!
Viva Las Coupons!
I saved so much on my package deal
I’ve got lots of money to burn
So I went on a tour and some Stratosphere rides
I didn’t cry, I wasn’t even scared (that’s not true!)
I saw fake Elvis, he was really fun
The fake BeeGees asked me, how deep is your love
Then an atheist showed me how some tricks are done
Viva Las Coupons!
Viva Las Coupons!
Viva Las Coupons!
From Coupon…Coupon..

(Go to Coupon Puppet for Vegas travel deals, I get all my deals from Coupon Puppet, the music ended I’m still singing, go to Coupon Puppet for Vegas Deals, cha cha cha da da da da yeah!)

Welcome to Coupon Puppet’s first video since relaunching with all Las Vegas travel deals! We think you’ll agree, it’s a catchy little number. Better yet, all the deals we sing about are absolutely true! You CAN save big on your hotel rate with great deals from Caesars properties and $50 off at Cirque Du Soleil is NOT an exaggeration…you can currently save that much at the Beatles LOVE show and Ka! We’ve got plenty of other cheap Las Vegas show tickets as well, like those Elvis and Bee Gees tribute shows from the video. Our discounted Las Vegas tours to the Grand Canyon and beyond are great breaks from the hustle and bustle of The Strip. And yes, that was a Pawn Stars tour coupon flashing before your eyes.

Over here at Coupon Puppet, we love Las Vegas. Hopefully that enthusiasm shows when you are shopping for deals. Be on the look out for Las Vegas show reviews and hotel reviews, coming soon! And more videos starring your very favorite blue sock, of course. If there are any Vegas travel deals you are searching for in particular, please let us know and we’ll try to feature them on the site. We’re here to help! Viva Las Coupons!


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